I Stopped Taking Pictures

In my second year at University, I took a lot of pictures. It was probably the time in my life when I took the most pictures. Every Saturday I wore makeup and packed my bags with different outfits…


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Git Cheat Sheet

A simple guide for learning git commands.

This article is a simple guide to a few basic and necessary git commands one should know.

A version control system (VCS) is a program or set of programs that track changes to a collection of files. With VCS it is easy to recall earlier versions of individual files or of the entire project. It also allows several team members to work on a project, even on the same files, at the same time without affecting each other’s work. Another name for a VCS is a software configuration management (SCM) system.

I know it's hard to remember all commands so bookmark this article, you will need it. Comment any other commands you regularly use and I will add them.

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