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It is true that I am happiest when I can apply what I have learned. It is also true that I have been in a position of reversal for months. I haven’t been to keen to discuss it. I can only choose to…


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You Can Learn How to Be Creative.

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Practise makes your writing interesting.

I recently started reading ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King. I’m only a hundred pages through it, so while I don’t have a full opinion yet, I’m definitely sensing a theme.

‘On Writing’ is designed to show you how King’s life has set him up for his occupation. It explores how childhood and growing up with both praises for his writing and rejections shaped him into the creator that he is today.

I want to explore this topic more because I do believe that life shapes the stories you create.

I enjoy sharing. I enjoy communication. I was a loudmouth storyteller as a young girl, as a result of that, I’ve grown into the kind of woman that types away at her computer and tells her stories to whoever will listen.

I’ve always enjoyed sharing concepts and ideas. I love the way that stories allow me to do. Often I won’t know something has been on my mind until I’ve finished a story and noticed the theme for myself. In every piece of writing there is usually some underlying meaning that I was unaware of when writing.

Writing, in this way, has become a way for me to process information and think about topics that I otherwise wouldn’t have been interested in playing with.

Writing doesn’t come out of left field one day as something you just decide to do. Well, it does, but it doesn’t just show up one time. Writing is something that hounds writers until they give in and start creating their own stories.

I think that people begin to write because writing has been a theme throughout their lives. I can’t, of course, speak for every writer’s experience, but for me choosing writing as my occupation was no accident.

I didn’t meet an author at a job fair or see authors on television living a life that I wanted when I grew up. I wasn’t inspired to be a writer by others. I was inspired to write by something else.

Writing has always been something that I have enjoyed doing and sharing with others. Storytelling has always…

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