A Night of Dancing

It was on the newest screen where I saw the oldest footage of him dancing to the beats of “Beat It” like his favorite artist did: A self-taped, pixelated video with a slate—the first time I’ve heard…


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Love Is The Little Ways My Folks Make Me Smile

Collecting Smiles. Photo by Vidya Sury ©

Photography | Travel | Love & Hearts

February Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Love & Hearts”

When we visited our son’s lovely campus we usually stayed at the guest house. The same guest house where I saw peacocks at my second-floor window.

Our well-furnished room had a tiny kitchen alcove with all the makings for coffee and tea. The sugar sachets were long red packs with a bright yellow smiley.

Now, when we travel, we enjoy far too many teas and coffees than when we are at home, almost as if it were a travel ritual. We start the day with coffee then move on to tea, and many cups later, enjoy one even after dinner.

To this end, I always carry my own travel pack of coffee, tea, milk, and sugar, just in case the place we stay in does not provide them. If there were no refills and hence, my own stash.

So during this visit, every time I brewed tea or coffee, I would smile at the sugar sachets as I cut them carefully without disturbing the smiley face and emptied them into Sury’s cup.

One day, after I made green tea for the three of us our son brought the tray. With the cups, he placed the three smileys just to see my reaction.

I smiled, grinned. Laughed.

Mission accomplished, no? My hearts know me so well.

More love & hearts via the home page by our brilliant photographers and photo story weavers.

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