What is Donocle?

The raffling process is initiated when the users purchase lottery tickets using any of the 50 types of tokens currently available on the zone. Consequently, users are offered with a six-digit number…


独家优惠奖金 100% 高达 1 BTC + 180 免费旋转

AU21 Capital Makes a Strategic Investment in Monsoon Finance

AU21 Capital’s strategic investment in Monsoon Finance portrays their faith in our vision of successfully enabling privacy on all blockchains, one chain at a time. Their team consists of globally renowned investors who have previously supported many leading projects in the Crypto space, including Binance, Polkastarter, Plasm, Cere Network, Polkadot, and more.

With rich experience and expertise, AU21 Capital is widely known for backing the most promising blockchain entrepreneurs and founders in the Crypto space. AU21 helps its portfolio attain the right resources and connections to help expand its community exponentially and enhance its overall growth as well.

AU21 Capital’s investment will be utilized to further Monsoon Finance’s development and advancement initiatives as it strives to attain its mission of becoming the ultimate multi-chain cross-chain privacy protocol.

AU21 Capital was founded in 2017 with the aim of backing the most promising blockchain entrepreneurs and founders with the right resources and connections to succeed. Chandler Guo and Kenzi Wang together founded AU21 Capital, and both share a deep interest in the world of blockchain, DeFi, and NFT projects. Chandler is an early investor in cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain projects, and Kenzi has also helped numerous companies secure listings on top exchanges.

Monsoon Finance is a decentralized multi-chain privacy protocol bringing private transactions to every smart contracts blockchain.

Monsoon: Enabling Privacy, One Chain at a Time

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