AutoShark buys 3 Star Systems to create an AutoShark Star Alliance!

Happy to share that one more great project decided to buy planets in Black Eye Galaxy. AutoShark, the 1st Cross-Chain Hybrid AMM and Yield Optimizer, will buy 3 Star Systems (10 planets total) to…


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What Is The Worst That Could Happen?

Change your inner voice to build yourself up.

What does your inner voice tell you? Do you build yourself up or tear yourself down in your head?

We all have inner voices that constantly comments on our life. On the things, we are doing and the things, we need to do. These inner voices can be critical, helpful, or just thoughtfully reflecting on the people we meet and the events that happen around us.

But how well does your inner voice support you?

You go to work in the morning, arriving at your desk and putting your bag down. It’s a usual morning and you walk to the coffee machine to get your morning shot of caffeine. When you get to the coffee machine a few of your colleagues are standing there chatting. John your handsome colleague who is in your team and Jennifer who you have been trying to get to know a little better through the past month.

They nod casually when they see you but continue their conversation with their backs turned to you.

Your mind immediately starts to analyze the situation.

“Are they ignoring you on purpose?”

“Should you try to get in to join the conversation?

The coffee machine grinds the beans noisily and Jennifer sends it an annoyed glance before laughing at something. You realize you only have precious few seconds to decide what to do next.

The machine spits out your coffee.

Its time to decide.

You turn slowly towards the group with your warm mug in hand but hesitates. The moment is gone. You feel awkward now and turn towards your desk. While walking your mind starts racing again. Analyzing. Criticising.

It doesn’t end there. When you get home in the evening the coffee “incident” as it is now named in your mind is still under analysis.

“Oh, I am such an idiot. No wonder they don’t like me.”

“I should have had the confidence to just join in.”

“Am I funny? Could I even join in if I wanted?”

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