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Dentro de los primeros pasos trabajando con Kubernetes está el deploy de nuestro desarrollo, y lo común es tener una caída del servicio al momento de actualizar nuestro despliegue. Para no tener que…


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Do your best AND let go of the results of your actions. According to the ancients, this is the recipe for a well-lived and happy life. We know intuitively that hanging on leads to suffering, yet often we can’t let go.

We have a natural preference for affirming, pleasant experiences and a desire to avoid pain. Attraction and aversion can range from mild to an intense, driving force. What is at the root of our compulsions to have things be a certain way? To avoid that person at the office who we feel is judging us? To need a partner and other people around us to reflect back that we are loved? To feel shaken to our core when we feel betrayed? To need so badly for our children and/or other loved ones to be safe and happy?

Attachment and aversion permeate our lives. It can feel like we absolutely require something or someone to be a certain way. Much of the intensity, even as adults, relates to survival level needs. Children literally won’t live unless they are protected and being taken care of and this includes emotional and social, a sense of being included and valuable.

We form beliefs that align with what we know to be true in our direct experience. We are hard-wired to notice danger and when our needs are not being met. Children form core deficiency beliefs that trigger suffering as adults.


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