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Her bed started shaking softly at precisely 6 am, it only took her a few seconds to wake up. She looked at the screen, made a motion with her hand and it came to life showing a news segment, the news…


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Create NFT of your own blog using BlogToNFT

NFT is a new craze in town and why not. People have made millions out of this amazing concept, I really like the idea of how you can own a digital piece of information that only belongs to you and no one else. This digital piece can be your artwork, your code, your scribbled thoughts, or maybe your blogs or write-up. NFT has given way to monetize your content in a much better way and own what you have created.

I am an occasional tech blogger and I never thought of making any money from my blogs because most of the places where I post my writeups don’t have such a concept of monetization. That’s when the lightning struck and I stumbled upon an idea of creating an NFT of my blog and I thought how about creating an app where other writers can come and create their own NFT of their blogs like a signature on a Tshirt or on a baseball bat or on a cricket bat just any other collectible but a digital version of it and most amazing part of this is the ability to sell this NFT or put them as an auction to earn some money because you never know one day your blog gets famous and your blog NFT is sold for some millions.

With great powers come great responsibility

So you might wonder what if anyone else makes NFT of someone else blog?

There is an ownership verification process, where I ask the owner/writer of the blog to add a specific tag inside the blog(Which I will also explain in the latter half of this blog) with which I verify the actual ownership. Once the ownership is verified user is presented with NFT Artwork which can be modified and then later can be minted on the blockchain. Even at the contract level, I have made sure that no 2 blogs with the same URL ever get minted, So there can ever be one unique URL inside the smart contract.

I have tried to make things as simpler as possible and the minimum requirement to create your NFT is the wallet address. If you don’t have your own wallet address I would recommend having one before trying to create your NFT. You can visit this link if you want to know how to create your wallet. But do make sure to keep your wallet safe as this is the only way you will have access to your NFT and also make sure that you are able to sign in at opensea using the wallet address before minting the blog

This is the most important step, the user has to make sure that he/she is the owner of the blog. Here you have to select the blog source if it is medium or any other source. The verification process of medium is a little different hence I have to take this input separately. Once your blog source is selected go ahead and paste your blog URL, after pasting take the verification tag and put that inside the blog without any text modification. For a medium blog, the tag is just a set of numbers as medium won’t allow adding external HTML tags, for other blogs you can paste the HTML tag which is basically a badge like below which screams that your blog is minted.

Add meta data and click generate artwork button
Artwork minted inside blockchain

OpenSea is a peer-to-peer marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens. To access the artwork that you just minted you have to sign into the opensea using your wallet address and inside the profile section, you will see your artwork waiting for you. You can use this platform to sell or auction your NFT in return for some ETH. Also, note opensea takes time to load all the details and artwork so in case you don’t see the image is loaded you can hit the refresh meta button inside the NFT page

BlogToNFT UI is still in beta but the app is capable enough to mint your NFT. I hope you would create your own NFT using this app because you never know a blog written 5 years back is sold for $1 million. I hope you like my app, if you have any queries feel free to reach out to me on my Twitter or in the comment section below

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