Are You Using Hashtags Wrong? Instagram Says You Need To Do The Research

Instagram ruined a lot of people’s week with one simple post on it’s @creators account. Specifically, they made a lot of the “beat the algorithm” crowd upset. For the first time in…maybe ever…


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Old Man

A Song to help me heal and remember

Classic Rock songs have played an integral part in my life since I was in High School in the early 90’s. The Grateful Dead, Carole King, Bob Dylan, and of course Neil Young as a solo artist, all hit a chord with me. This song in particular has a lot of meaning to me. It always did and now even more so.

“Old Man” has a prime spot in my playlist on my phone and for good reason. For me, this song describes the relationship between my grandfather and I. Ever since I was a little kid, I looked up to “the old man”. He taught me everything I know. We were known as best buddies and over the last few years, people would comment on how similar we were.

During my teenage years, we would spend our weekends “up country” (New York State). We both loved the open roads, the acres of land he owned, and the peacefulness of the area. It was a place where everyone would watch out for their neighbors, even if your closest neighbor was half a mile away.

My grandfather was a huge fan of golf. He would play every week and nothing would stop him. I would spend hours watching golf on tv with him on a Sunday afternoon. He taught…

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