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Market Survey

The first idea is an application called Save Your Life. It is an app that can recognize any words about the meaning of help. If you in danger, it will call the cops automatically.

The second idea is the necklace with camera installed inside. It can record daily life and an emergency button for you to press for help.

The third idea is pocket emergency button. It can produce alarm sounds once you pressed the button.

Survey Target group: 13 women and 2 men

Willingness to buy?

Yes, they are all willing to purchase this app.

How much will they pay for the product?

After all the survey I did, 12 people are will to pay for this app. The other 3 are not willing to pay, because there are many choices out there are providing free download.

Any improvement you can think of?

Willingness to buy?

10 people said YES, 5 people said depends on the design. If the outlook is poor designed, they mostly unlikely to purchase it.

How much will they pay for the product?

30 USD: 3 people.

40~60 USD: 6 people.

60+ USD: 4 people.

Depends on design to determine if the price worth it or not: 2 people.

Any improvement you can think of?

Willingness to buy?

All 15 people answered yes.

How much will they pay for the product?

The price range is 7~20 USD.

Any improvement you can think of?

Benchmarking 2x2s:

Save Your Life:

1. Bsafe 2. React 3. Circle Of 6 4. Watch Over Me

Necklace with Camera:

Pocket Emergency Button:

Personal safety apps:

This is the patent I found about personal safety.

This is the patent I found about spy camera.

This is the patent I found about personal alarm.

Save Your Life: S

Necklace with spy camera: 3 points

Pocket Emergency Button: 2 points

I personally like the necklace, as women likes jewelry more I would suggest it to be my final choice. It is practical and useful when women is under danger situations. And it is unique, because there are very few option outside the market right now.

This is the prototype I made with a coin and some card board. On the top right corner there is a black dot. It represent the hidden camera. and the right side there is a small card broad, it represent the emergency button.

10/30–11/2: Benchmarking

11/2–11/5: Work on the blog.

11/7: Finish blog.

11/9: Peer review.

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