A Simple Sunday

As I welcome in another decade sans hangover, I’m that person humming in the kitchen eager to start my day entirely too early- look at that, we’re already making respectable choices. My Sunday feels…


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Supplements To Boost Metabolism?

supplements to boost metabolism?

I take it the primary reason for wanting to increase your metabolism is weight loss? I guess before you take metabolism increasing, thermogenic supplements you have to realise in the end the extent to which they help you will have almost no effect unless your diet & training/cardio in order. I think it’s fair to say that supplements will have maybe 5% to do with your weight loss or progress.

I suppose the main things to take in to account, you’ve probably read it, eat 6 small meals a day rather than 3 larger ones; this aids weight loss by stopping metabolism from slowing. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With what you’re eating, check out the GI of food, i.e. you want slow absorbing products, lack of sugar foods which will ultimately improve insulin sensitivity.

As for supplements there are various avenues but honestly you wouldn’t go far wrong to take- Fish oil caps, A good Multivit. Fish oils are the #1 supplement I’d recommend you take- ignore the fat content.

Also I think Fish Oil Capsules (get the 1000mg) + the Multivit are still on offer in H&B. Mention of VitD in this thread, simply i’d just go with Fish oil over Cod liver oil; simply as there’s a higher chance of Cod liver oil containing toxins.

As for green tea, as everyone knows it’s an excellent anti-oxidant. If you can’t stomach it, you can get green tea extract as a supplement from NOW Foods, or in bulk. -they’re capsules.

I’m sure if you look lots online you’ll come across an ECA stack, yes it’s probably the best thing to aid weight loss but HCL is now banned in the UK. Ephedra alkoids are a loophole/ ‘gray area’ in the law. my point- avoid it.

The metabolism things you find in H&B etc.. just contain L-Carnitine, ALA, Green Tea extract etc… Do yourself a favour don’t go for expensive products which promise things, go for the fish oil, Multivit & green tea extract if you want.

I can’t really comment on Phase 2 sorry, only to say there’s little reliable long term studies to show the effects of Carbohydrate blockers & their effects on the body/gastrointestinal tract.

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