An Unknown Feeling

I felt like a feather flying somewhere. My legs lost their strength to stand. I wanted to lie on the ground but this mind kept wandering and wondering. We need a goal to reach, a target you want to…


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Karibu to the Demello Siblings

About Us:

Welcome to the Demello Family, all the way from Tanzania with a hint of Zanzibar. We are a family of six who love travelling, adventure, learning new cultures and eating :)

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. I’m the youngest son in the Demello family. I’m currently perusing my Business Diploma at Sheridan College and dream to be a Successful Entrepreneur one day.

Few of the things that I enjoy doing are:

My Photography Work

These Pictures are a few snap shots on what I enjoy taking pictures of that would include animals, nature and architecture. The art of photography excites me because of having the ability of capturing a specific moment in time and to be able to admire the view.

Above is a small picture of me singing in church for Passion of Christ at the church Christ the king. Anyways singing for me something that comes naturally at any time of the day especially if I’m bored.

Eating oh what a topic this is an important thing since that to the fact we need to eat to survive so why not try and experience the different types of food that the world has to offer from the variety of cultures and their recipes. By doing this it allows me to find the type I enjoy and eventually learn how to make it myself.

As you can see above I enjoy expressing myself with a more visual approach than of written format. Hopping you found it appealing and learned a few things about me.

Belinda Demello, also known as my oldest sister. She is originally from Dar-es-salaam, completed her International Baccalaureate at Aga Khan Mzizima and was off to start her journey. She then moved to Canada in 2014 to peruse her Degree in Accounting, that she completed on August 2018. She is currently an Accountant and perusing her Chartered Professional Accounting Designation.

Belinda hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro not once, but twice because she was determined to make it to the peak, which she did, as she understood that, “Pain is temporary but pride is forever”. She is central to her family, her values and her beliefs.

Belinda loves to cook, all you have to do is name the dish and the next minute she is making her way to the kitchen to try the recipe, she truly enjoys experimenting with new dishes. A small tip in our family to get everyone in the kitchen, is play African or Country songs and everyone will make their way to the kitchen while dancing to the beat (so yes, sometimes, even while cooking, we stop, make beats with the utensils and DANCE).

For all those who have attended the Tanzanite events, will know that she loves to sing, no matter what the language. Lastly, she enjoys meeting new people, she is one of the most sociable people that I know.


My brother Darius Demello is currently graduating from his advanced diploma at Sheridan college. In the near years to come he will be completing his degree in accounting and will not stop until he has fulfilled his aim in accomplishing his CPA (Charted Professional Accounting)

He loves eating too :) don’t we all. He cooks really well and we all love cooking as a family most of the time but occasionally he is lazy and he becomes the taster. As a family we also love going to different restaurants and trying them out. Once I a while when we visit any (all you can eat) restaurants that we really enjoy the food we feel like the restaurant will kick us out because of how much we eat as a family HAHAHAHAHA.

He loves traveling and searching for adventurous things to do, such as; recently flying to Dubai and experiencing jumping from a plane (sky diving), to taking a 6,000-mile road trip through the United Stated of America with his buddy doing something in each state as he drives through.

He has a drive to open something of his own. In the future his plans are to take what he has learnt here in Canada and open his own accounting firm back in Tanzania but as everyone knows plans can change so he says he will go with the flow but he is motivated to start something for himself.

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