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Integrating Git with Visual Studio.

I got to know about this feature earlier this year and is really a lifesaver for those who periodically have to update their project on Github. So, without any further delay let’s take a quick look at how to get it set up with Visual Studio 2019.

Step 1: Open the Visual studio 2019 and sign in with your Microsoft account(preferred). Once signed in you should get your account info on the top right corner of your Visual Studio Window.

Step 2: Click on the Git menu on the top right and select Create Git Repository.

Create Git Repository option

Step 3: In the Create a Git repository dialog box that appears, log in with your GitHub account in the Account section, give the repository a name along with some description of your choice(Note: check the private repository check box if you need to create a private repository). Then Click Create and Push.

Create a Git repository dialog box.

Step 4: Now check in your GitHub for the repository. And also see for a lock symbol against the files in the Solution Explorer of Visual Studio 2019.

Github repository
Solution Explorer

Now you have successfully integrated Git with your visual studio. Congratulations!

Now how to update the changes in your GitHub repository, that’s a topic for the next post, until then Happy Reading!

Thank you.

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