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GODs through the Caste Lens

We see GODs as perfect projection of ours. The concept of GOD is manifestation of our own perfect self.

While the question of whether there exist a GOD exterior to us, who looks down on us from a higher pedestal, or protects us the lesser mortals or a superior being is a totally different search or argument, depending on ones own point of view.

However being a free mind we can wander around and superpose the GODs in our everyday life. Today let us use the caste prism and look at GODs, which probably will show the absurdity of caste hierarchy.

We shall put the Hindu Trinity, Brahma — Vishnu — Maheswara, through the Caste Prism

Brahma the creator, the custodian of all knowledge, has Goddess of Leading as his better half.

Which caste will he fall into ?

His qualities makes him a Brahmana, The upper caste

Vishnu the Protector

What does he do?

He protects all the creations done by Brahma, & the Devas in time of need

He is a family man who spends his entire day with his wife

Which caste will he fall into ?

The Warrior, the king >> The Kshatriya

Shiva — The Destroyer

Shiva is an interesting character . He has married two times, has two children, has an army, lives in the mountain (Kailasa) and wears Vibhuti from the pyre

His first wife ‘Sati’ was the daughter of a King(Daksha). His wife committed suicide by jumping in to fire, as she could not stand her father insulting her husband’s backward background. A grieving Shiva carried the burnt corpse of his wife on his shoulder across the country.

He married for a second time, this time a mountain girl, ‘Parvati’ , daughter of ‘Himavan’. He commands an army of demons (Shiva Ganas). The head of the army is his elder son, the elephant GOD, ‘Ganesha’. His second son is the Head of army of Devas, ‘Velayudha’.

Sociologically speaking this appointment of ‘Velayudha’ as head of army of Devas (Ruling class) can be interpreted as a truce between two communities, the ruling upper class and the lower level communities, demons

Which caste will he fall into ?

He represents the so called persecuted lower caste communities, called under the bracket of “Harijans” or “Dalits”


Voltaire says about being absurd “ To believe in God is impossible not to believe in Him is absurd”

Is Brahma > Vishnu > Shiva ?

The absurdity of the above argument of putting GODs in caste frame work is as clear as a sunny day.

If the Trimurthi’s (Trinity) cannot be classified in caste prism, it is absurd to classify humans doing the very same actions in to the narrow caste prism

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