What Is The Worst That Could Happen?

We all have inner voices that constantly comments on our life. On the things, we are doing and the things, we need to do. These inner voices can be critical, helpful, or just thoughtfully reflecting…


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What is the private transaction in Ethereum

Despite the good intention of inventing private transactions, due to their stealthy nature, private transactions have also been used by attackers to launch attacks, which has a negative impact on the Ethereum ecosystem. However, existing works only touch upon private transactions as by-products when studying MEV, while a systematic study on private transactions is still missing. To fill this gap and paint a complete picture of private transactions, this paper takes the first step towards investigating the private transactions on Ethereum. In particular, the authors also collect large-scale private transaction datasets and perform analysis on their characteristics, transaction costs and miner profits, as well as security impacts. This work provides deep insights on different aspects of private transactions.

Here is a simple example calling the private transaction function of Flashbot.

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