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Azure Analysis Service in Cloud

Future of Business Intelligence in Cloud is Tabular for Microsoft

Most of the businesses are steadily searching for Business Intelligence tool that will give fast and accurate insight to the fast and constantly growing data.

Image Source:Microsoft Excel Template

Next tool in this series is Tabular by Microsoft. With Microsoft Azure cloud database, Tabular is one of the popular options. Tabular Can read data from Azure Data Warehouse or from On-Premises Database server. It has two query modes : First one is Direct Query and another one is In Memory.

Direct Query mode- In Direct Query mode type of model, metadata information is stored in the model while building this model. When users connect to this type of model via Power BI or Excel for reporting purpose, Tabular server sends queries to the database server based on the metadata that is saved in the Pre-built model. This metadata defines how various tables are joined together. It also has calculation definitions saved in it. Building this type of model on Tabular server is very fast as it does not contain any data.

In Memory mode — In the in memory mode, The tabular model has metadata as well as data saved. If the data that is required for reporting is in some Gigabytes then this can be the best approach.Since the data is already loaded while the model was being built, accessing it is fast. Tabular server compresses the model while building it, for better performance. If the Database is in Terabytes or 100s of gigabytes, it becomes a challenge to load all of this data into the tabular model. One solution to overcome this issue can be to divide the model in smaller datasets. Other one can be to upgrade to next tier of Azure Analysis Services.

Tabular server uses robust engine that Analysis services multidimensional server had. Some of the server settings can be tweaked to improve performance of tabular. Some settings are controlled by Cloud services.

This Tabular model can be used for reporting by using Excel or Power BI. If the model has to be refreshed based on a schedule then only authentication service that works is Azure Active Directory.

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