GODs through the Caste Lens

We see GODs as perfect projection of ours. The concept of GOD is manifestation of our own perfect self. While the question of whether there exist a GOD exterior to us, who looks down on us from a…


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A Simple Sunday

And a simple life.

As I welcome in another decade sans hangover, I’m that person humming in the kitchen eager to start my day entirely too early- look at that, we’re already making respectable choices. My Sunday feels effortless and simple, and I’m off to a wonderful start. I’m ready to plan my week Sunday morning.

This year, my focus is to be open, candid, and transparent. I want to asses my needs and take a step back to evaluate my priorities. I’m making smarter choices. I’m releasing the weight of burden and resentment. I’m growing as a person, to be a better version of myself through small daily changes.

Too often, we complicate our emotions, personal needs, and interpersonal relationships. Looking back, I wish I had spoken my truth more often and had been more direct with my needs. Last year need not be a hard one, but I’d like to reframe it into a year of growth.

What does any of this have to do with minimalism, though?

The answer is easy- I want my life to be simple- and not just this year.

A simple life is an intentional one. Curation eliminates distraction from the things that matter most. Intentionality allows me to determine and evaluate what I truly need and why. Transparency becomes the catalyst for more meaningful conversations and deeper relationships.

The truth is, I find contentment in simplicity, and here’s what my simple life looks like:

This year, I’m committed to-

Saying “no” more often.

Making my craft my priority.

Investing in experiences, rather than material goods.

Changing from a scarcity mindset to an abundant one.

Being a good neighbor.

Saying “no” is not meant to be directed as an insult towards others, and I’ve let go of feeling that declining things is rejection itself. Those who respect you as an individual will also respect your “no”.

I cannot begin to count the times I found myself staring at a blank screen, only to close it in defeat. A blank page or screen is the subtle coaxing of my thoughts and ideas waiting to pour out. There’s nothing to fear, but only much to gain.

Here we go. Years of purging have stripped the weight off my shelves and only what I find purpose in remains. I find it’s far easier to say “no” to purchases and collecting, yet I still long to create memories. Those, I will allow myself to collect. The funny mishaps on a trip, the unexpected moments I go back to when it’s quiet, and the people I get to share these memories with. Those times are precious.

I’ve been a careful planner by nature and nurture, always ready should something not fall in my favor. But fear holds no power over a sound mind. Life is about being candid, and unscripted. Each life is unique and unreplicated. Abundance is within those lines through and through. Scarcity is holding on to hurt that becomes the weight to restrict our potential.

Lastly, I want to become a better neighbor to all those around. Conversations need not be within my own constraints of comfort. A kindness is felt tenfold by the person who selflessly gives without expectation. Love is abundant, and not limited to those of blood. Treating those with gentleness and grace creates a strength that even the hardest of people cannot withstand.

A simple life yields rewards that cannot be predicted or otherwise known until acted upon. This is the year I take greater steps towards simplicity. My simple life starts with a simple Sunday.

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