Using Blockchain to Protect Artists and Manage Intellectual Property Law

GoChain offers the use of blockchain technology as a tool to manage and store Intellectual Property rights on a decentralized ledger. Intellectual property (“IP”) refers to creations of the mind…


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And our work begins!

The weekend was a time for us to discover and explore as a team. We toured Beijing, we played human bingo and learned about each other’s career and personal highlights and lowlights. It was humbling to see that we all shared such sacred moments of our personal journeys with each other.

And then, with just a little more humility and empathy, we got to work. Our CSC team will be tackling an important societal issue that China is currently facing: the aging population and cognitive impairment for the elderly, also known as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Fact #1:

By 2025, the aging population will reach 300 million people in China.

Fact #2: An elderly is diagnosed with dementia every 3 seconds.

Source: World Health Organization (WHO)

These are just 2 of the many facts that highlight the urgency in tackling the challenges associated to the growing aging population in China, and around the world. The overall vision for our mandate is “with inclusive care from families and society, along with proper self-reliance, the elderly can enjoy a healthy and respectful life.”

To do so, we need to look at the entire ecosystem that supports patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s starting from and not limited to diagnosis, treatment, care and support. My sub-team and I will be working with an local organization – SZF Apartments – that provides 24/7 services to elderly who can take total, most or little daily care of themselves. SZF provides health care and rehabilitation, mental comforting, entertaining, medical healing and more.

In other words, we will look to improve the mental, psychological and spiritual state of the elderly currently residing in SZF. Tomorrow, we roll-up our sleeves and get to the nitty gritty.

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