I Bought MANA and Will Probably Hodl Because of The Metaverse

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. In the metaverse, you can purchase land and build whatever you want.


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Why Are Personal Values Important for Finding Meaning in Life?

2 min read

People who feel like they have clear values and are living in accordance with them are more likely to believe that their lives are satisfying and meaningful.

-Dr. Jason Holland, Lifespark

Values are your personal beliefs about what’s really important in life. It could be your relationships with family, or it could be your passion for a cause, like promoting equality or educating young people.

So, tune in everyday this week for more on ‘What are your core values?’ And in the comments below let us know what you value most in life.


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UK Begins Research on Law Reform for Use of Blockchain Smart Contracts, Coindesk.com, 20 July 2018. “News” is published by Scott V Kissinger in The Blawqchain Project.