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Who knew blowing out the candles on my birthday cake would ultimately lead to my death. As I, Ari Bloom, self deprecating foodie, avid bookworm, made my silent wish, (to be a contestant on my…


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An Unknown Feeling

I felt like a feather flying somewhere. My legs lost their strength to stand. I wanted to lie on the ground but this mind kept wandering and wondering.

Uncertainty, I guess, is the uncomfortable feeling that keeps bothering me.

Am I overthinking? Yes, every day.

Am I overanalyzing? Yes, every moment.

Am I depressed? Need to be confirmed.

We need a goal to reach, a target you want to aim for. I do have a personal KPI as I made for my work. However, my target seems not unattractive or I am lost motivation to pursue it.

I am asking myself again :

What is my worth?

Do I have value as a human?

Is there any meaning of my existence?

If I am disappeared from this world, is there any significant impact on my surrounding? Or I am just invisible.

I don’t want to dramatize my life. But this thought I can’t get over with it.

I try to console my mind by reading self-help books, but I am still unable to find the answer.

I am asked my good friend and she said you may be tired.

I am sharing my feeling with my spiritual teacher and she said you may not be close enough to your Creator.

Then I wonder? I don’t know how to define my feeling anymore. Is this valid or not?

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