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Climb the Ladder

Mechanics of the game are Roll/spin and move.

Duration on game- Approximately 30 minutes to an hour.

Players — 2 to 4 players.

For a 2-player or 3-player game will be played the same as 4 players playing the game just with less people.

Who Starts? Players say a number 1 through 6. Someone roll the dice and whatever number it displays will determine the order the players will be placed.

For example:

1st person says number 3

2nd person says number 5

3rd person says number 6

4th person says number 1

Number rolled on the dice is 3.

1st person that said number 3 = First player

2nd person that said number 5 = Third player

3rd person that said number 6 = Fourth player

4th person that said number 1 = Second player

If this game is played by 4 players, the order will go like this.

Each turn is played by 2 players at a time. Player 1 (spins arrow) vs Player 2(arranges 3 cards on surface). Player 2 (spins arrow) vs player 3 (arranges 3 cards on surface). Player 3 (spins arrow) vs Player 4 (arranges 3 cards on surface). Player 4 (spins arrow) vs Player 1 (arranges 3 cards on surface).

The objective is to place all your sticks on each spot of the ladder which is 13 spots. Each player has their own ladder to fill.

There are 8 cards (each card has a word written on one side of the card which will be called the “word card”) each word will be same as the words on the beads that are individually placed around the color wheel. There are 2 blank cards. As shown in the image below.

Each spot on the color wheel will provide a short instruction written in purple for the player that spins.

The player that arranges the 3 cards (2 blanks cards always and 1 word card that was picked by the arrow from color wheel) will arrange them facing down and have the player that was spinning to pick which is the word card.

For example:

If the player who spun and landed on the word “star,” then the player arranging the cards will grab the card from deck that says “star” and will arrange it with the 2 blanks cards. Make sure the other player doesn’t see.

Now the player who spun will pick which card has the word “star” on it. If the player was wrong nothing happens and proceed to next player.

If the player was right, then read the special instruction that's written in purple from the color wheel where the word “star” is located.

It will say, “Roll dice.” That means the player who spun rolls the dice to determine how many sticks to fill up the ladder.

If the dice rolls a 6, then the player adds 6 sticks to his/her ladder.

Special Instructions on color wheel.

If the arrow stops on the word……

FRIEND- Instruction says, “TWO TURNS” which means player that spun will automatically take two turns and if arrow lands on “TWO TURNS” again then the player may spin again until it stops on different spot. If player lands on the “SKIP TURN” on the first turn, the player still has the second turn to go.

LEARN- Instruction says, “START OVER” if player that spun picks wrong card (blank card), then the player starts over on his/her ladder. If player gets right card (word card), then just add 1 stick to ladder.

DANCE- Instruction says, “ADD 3 MORE STICKS” if player that spun picks right card (word card), then the player adds 3 more sticks on his/her ladder. If the player picks wrong card (blank card), then nothing happens and go to next player.

SECRET- Instruction says, “ADD 2 MORE STICKS” if player that spun picks right card (word card), then the player adds 2 more sticks on his/her ladder. If the player picks wrong card (blank card), then nothing happens and go to next player.

GOOD- Instruction says, "SKIP TURN” which means the player that spun automatically skips turn, and off to the next player.

BELIEVE- Instruction says, “ADD 1 MORE STICK” if player that spun picks the right card (word card), then the player adds 1 more stick on his/her ladder. If the player picks wrong card (blank card), then nothing happens and go to next player.

STAR- Instruction says, "ROLL DICE” which means player that spun picks the right car (word card), then the player rolls the dice. Whatever number the dice rolls on is the number of sticks the player adds to his/her ladder. If the player picks wrong card (blank card), then nothing happens and go to next player.

PRINCESS- Instructions says, “TAKE 1 STICK ANY PLAYER” which means that the player that spun will need to take away 1 stick from any player from his/her ladder. If the player picks wrong card (blank card), then nothing happens and go to next player.


Recommended Number of Players: 2–4
Suggested Player Age:13+
Average Playtime: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Introduction: Want to test your luck on playing this unpredictable game. This is the game you want to play. “Climb the Ladder” is being played using all luck and no skill required. This is a perfect game to play with someone you know that's able play for the whole duration of the game until a winner is made. Try to be the first person to fill your ladder up with the sticks and you’ll win the game. Good luck!

Summary of the Game System and Objectives: The game is played like this, first you will need 1, 2, or 3 other people to play against. Then players will have a turn to spin the arrow placed on the color wheel and also will get a chance to be the one who arranges the cards for the player that spins. The color wheel is like the engine of the game because the color wheel will provide specific instructions for players to proceed with the game and fill the ladder to win the game. Players will be provided with popsicle sticks to add to the spots of the ladder. There are 2 blank cards and 8-word cards to use for the player who is assigned to arrange the cards for the opposing player who is assigned to spin. The instructions on the color wheel help the player to add the stick to the ladder or go against the player, so you can win some or lose some in this case. Like I mentioned before, your just feeling hopeful that the game lands on your favor, so this game can go towards any route, and requires all luck and no skill. So, you're really playing against one player each turn, but overall, you're trying to be the first person who to have their ladder filled up with the sticks wins the game before the rest of the players do.

Components of the Game: A Board, 8 word cards, 2 blank cards, popsicle sticks (13 for each player which is needed to fill the 13 spots on the ladder), word beads, spinner, and a dice.
The only game vocabulary you need to know really is that the cards that have the words written on them are called “word cards.”

Set-Up: Describe the entire process of how to start playing the game. Mention any set-up
required for the game board prior to starting, information players should be familiar with, and
what components players need to start the game with.

Basic Game Structure: The dice will determine who starts first to last. The number that the players yell out that is closest to the number rolled on the dice will go first. The second closest will go next and so on and so forth. If only 2 players play, then they play against each other. If 3 players play, then player one goes against player two, player two plays against player three, player three plays against player one. If 4 players play, then player one plays against player 2, player 2 plays against player 3, player 3 plays against player 4, and player 4 plays against player 1. Each turn will have one player spin and one player arrange the cards.

Specific Game Structure: An example of a turn in the game is player 1 will spin and player 2 will arrange the cards. The arrow stops and points at the word bead “dance.” Then player 2 will grab the “Dance” word card and grab the 2 blank cards. Player 2 arranges the cards facing down so that way player 1 doesn’t know which card is which. Once player 2 is done arranging the cards, player 1 will pick where the word card “dance” is. If player one picks the blank card, then nothing happens. But for this example, player one picks the right one. Now, player one will read the instruction written in purple on the color wheel where “dance” is. It says to add 3 more sticks to ladder. Player one has 11 sticks on the ladder and just needs 2 to win. Even though the instructions say add 3, and player one just needs 2, player one can still proceed and win the game.

Ending the Game: The first player to fill all 13 spots of sticks on the ladder wins the game.

Appendix: As long as you remember the rules of the game, you should be at a comfortable spot to play. Sometimes a rule or 2 can slip right under our eyes and can throw you off the game which is totally understandable.

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