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Definition of scientist

Bill Nye is a scientist, and here’s why the person who wrote this article is completely wrong. First of all, the sciences cover a broad area of academia and personal beliefs. There is no governing body, institution or any other official entity that bestowed the title of “scientist” on anyone. First of all, let’s look at the definitions of the word “scientist” :

The definition according to Merriam-Wesbster’s dictionary says it’s someone who is a scientific investigator. There is no qualification to be a scientist except for the study of it and the belief in the scientific method. Two things that Bill Nye is overqualified for.

A scientist is also someone who believes in he scientific method and there is no degree required. Just look at the best example of a world renowned scientist. Nikola Tesla was a mad scientist by some accounts and he invented things that changed the world. Nikola Tesla dropped out of college. Nikola Tesla studied physics, engineering and electricity. Tesla conducted experiments and invented things. He was a scientist in the truest sense of the word.

Bill Nye is a mechanical engineer like Tesla was. Bill Nye does experiments and has invented devices using physics and various other natural sciences. So yes Bill Nye is a scientist.

What I believe is that we have been conditioned by movies, TV and other media to have a limited view of what a scientist is. A scientist is not always a guy in a white lab coat and wearing eyeglasses. There are scientists who dig in the dirt all day long to discover things and they don’t wear lab coats.

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