The first idea is an application called Save Your Life. It is an app that can recognize any words about the meaning of help. If you in danger, it will call the cops automatically. The second idea is…


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Do you ever consider immigrating to Canada?

Talking about immigration, it reminds me of the documentary I have watched on Netflix, “Living Undocumented”. It is about, eight undocumented families ‘fates roller-coast as the United States’ immigration policies are transformed, and one of the families immigrated to Canada due to immigration policies. And it makes me wonder it is the best choice to immigrating to Canada? So, I try to find information on YouTube, turns out so many videos related to immigrating to Canada, after searching for a long time, finally I find a video that easy to understand, the video about is about the benefit of immigrating to Canada. And you know what? I really like the fact that we cannot get really wealthy there because the Canada government charged a 15% income tax, and then the charged tax will be reallocated to make life easier for everyone! Is not it amazing?

So today, I am going to share this video with you guys, in case one of you are considering immigrating to Canada or for those who are lazy to read a lot of articles. A little knowledge for you guys to know more about Canada in just 3 minutes. You will thank me later. :)

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