Love Is The Little Ways My Folks Make Me Smile

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Useless Complaint on Plagiarism

Seth Godin on October 04, 2017

I could spend hours in the blaming mode criticizing people copying & pasting content to their own channels without crediting the sources and complaining about their plagiarism, as a matter of fact, it’s an insult to plagiarism. The verification process is simple and stupid, you Google the snippets randomly picked from the copycat and see what it yields. The massively-highlighted search engine result page is quite predicable by the work done by my fellows, yet I cannot do anything about it.

I don’t need to do anything.

Every second I spend on the verification could have been used better.

I could’ve exercised;
I could’ve read some books;
I could’ve done some research;
I could’ve listened to some podcasts;

Chances are I may end up with something original, it doesn’t have to be so original, but still, time spent on deep work is 1000x more meaningful and more rewarding than running after others’ faults, let alone the subsequent mixed feelings that would take more time to shake off.

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