An Unknown Feeling

I felt like a feather flying somewhere. My legs lost their strength to stand. I wanted to lie on the ground but this mind kept wandering and wondering. We need a goal to reach, a target you want to…


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Lock Box

Who knew blowing out the candles on my birthday cake would ultimately lead to my death. As I, Ari Bloom, self deprecating foodie, avid bookworm, made my silent wish, (to be a contestant on my favorite game show Lock Box); I pictured myself winning all of the prize money. I planned to take a literary tour of the South. I was looking forward to going on food crawls in Savannah, Charleston, and New Orleans.

On the day of the show I arrived to the studio early because I was so excited to view the set; I was also nervous to meet the handsome host Rocky Ramone. If only I had paid more attention to my feelings. My mind somehow subconsciously knew that he was not the wholesome man television made him out to be. He always seemed so charming on my television screen. I watched this show religiously for years. I should have realized something was up when I saw there was no one in the audience. I would have never pegged him for a serial killer.

“Be careful what you wish for,” my grandma always said, too bad I never took her advice.

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