A Night of Dancing

It was on the newest screen where I saw the oldest footage of him dancing to the beats of “Beat It” like his favorite artist did: A self-taped, pixelated video with a slate—the first time I’ve heard…


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7 Benefits of Invisible Grills

Are you tired of traditional old grills that rust frequently? If yes, opt for premium-quality Invisible Grills by Devaaj Invisible Grills that provide smart security with elegance

Invisible Grills are cutting-edge grill systems that originated in Singapore that don’t impact the overall appearance of your home space, unlike traditional grills. It delivers high security for your family and has a precise design for kids’ protection.

2. Anti-Rust Nature: Invisible Grills are paint-free and highly tensile grade rust-resistant stainless steel membranes, preventing moisture lockage and oxidization and thus providing hassle-free maintenance.

3. Clear Panoramic View: Experience the beautiful view from the heights of your building along with high security as the Invisible Grills have a sublime invisible look to them which is aesthetically pleasing and adds elegance to your home or office balconies.

4. High Cargo Capacity: Invisible Grills have high-tensile material that can endure a heavy load capacity, providing increased security and safety to kids from the heights of buildings, making them one of the most needed features in urban architecture.

5. Hassle-Free Maintenance: Consisting of high-quality materials, Invisible Grills are paint-free and have anti-rust properties that prevent moisture lockage, making them easy to maintain, secure, and elegant.

6. Aesthetic Looks: ‘Safety with Elegance’ can define Invisible Grills. Installing them will provide premium security and deliver an aesthetically pleasing look to your home that enhances the overall look of the space.

7. Prompt and Flexible: Invisible Grills can be installed within a day! They are quick, and their flexible nature makes it easy to relocate them. It is the best option for a prompt upgrade to security and elegance in between your hustling lifestyle.

Invisible grills installed in the balconies and windows of high-rise apartments and offices are of incredible elasticity and high-tensile material that provides sturdiness and optimum safety.

In addition, the stainless steel cables of Invisible Grills are of 316 grade and offer high tensile strength. The lines range from approximately 2mm to 4mm and can handle an extreme load or tensile impact, making it extra secure.

The installation of Invisible Grills is mainly in vertical and horizontal ways, and the cable distance may vary from 2″, 3″, and 4″ inches according to your desired look and style.

Some diverse sectors for Invisible Grills installation are:

Schools — Invisible grills are proven to be one of the best safety measures for children in school, with proper ventilation and decent appearance. Moreover, they are invincible and soft on children and provide high-security assurance.

High-rise Apartments — Elegant and Maintained: Invisible grills provide elegance to your place with high security and improve the overall interior appearance of your home. It has hassle-free maintenance and provides the best panoramic view from great heights and a sleek appearance.

Motels and Hotels — Protected yet Magnificent: Guests are a priority in hotels, and so is their security, and giving them a fantastic experience along with a magnificent interior and unique architecture of the space is necessary. Installing Invisible Grills will be the best choice for fulfilling the owner’s and the occupants’ needs.

Commercial Areas — Unobstructed and Cherished Panorama: Commercial spaces are grand and luxurious with large openings, variant design features, and level differences. Irrespective of any such quality, Invisible grilles make the area safer and human-friendly by providing ultimate protection, adding grandeur to the structure, and not disrupting the external perspectives.

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