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How to start Automation Testing from the Scratch

As we pass by the different industry revolutions the usage of machines in doing the manual activities has helped in their transformation. Similarly, in the software revolution, usage of tools to do the manual testing activity has literally increased the industry throughput due to the following factors.

How to start Automation Testing from the Scratch

In layman terms it is the usage of tool which can mimic the user action on the software application and perform functional validation without any human intervention or with minimal human intervention.

Unit testing:-This is the basic level of testing as soon as a software component is built. The purpose of Unit testing is to ensure that the component does what it is expected to function. This is basically taken care of by the development team and most of it is automated (Example — J-unit, N-unit, jasmine).

System testing: These are the end to end tests that the independent QA writes to ensure the application is best tested and also to uncover any minimal flaw that exists in the system. These tests can fall under UI validation, API validation and DB validation (Example — Selenium, UFT, Test Complete, Tosca, etc.)

Acceptance testing: This is the final level of testing which is taken care of by the Business team to certify the business requirement is met. Mostly Automated scripts developed in System testing will be utilized for Acceptance Testing as well. Acceptance testing scenarios will most probably the subset of System testing scenarios

All these levels of testing can be automated depending on the organization culture and commitment.

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