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Candy.ONE Flash Update

2018/05/07– 2018/05/13

Everybody, Candy.ONE has some exciting updates this week.

As a new generation of community products based on the world’s first blockchain ETF, Candy.ONE promotes the concept of “make contribution more valuable” and provides users with personalized and personalized content and services. Founded in January 2018, it has nearly 5 million users worldwide and is one of the fastest growing product services in the global smart economy.

CANDY, as the token of CandyBox, is the most innovative digital asset in the world with the potential for continuous appreciation, and has been freely exchanged and circulated in the market. Users participate in interesting and diverse tasks and contribute value to the community to acquire CANDY.

Our daily tasks: I like 5 news feeds for candy, and recently there has been an important improvement in functionality. There is no need to click on the “Do task” button before completing the task. Everyone will read the article later and like to praise the efficiency of receiving candy. Everyone likes it more

Three new partners were added to the candy box this week, and the number of partners currently reached 30.

Maimiao (MEG) is the decentralized social new ecology and the first decentralized social product under the Mickey Ecology.

Found game(FGC) is a decentralized one-stop game publishing platform based on EOS.

Joylink (Joylink) is the world’s first point-to-point network technology based on blockchain and smart contracts. It is designed for efficient trading systems targeting commodity manufacturers, vendors, and consumers.

There are 27 items in the candy box. The 50 thousand telegraph group diversion tasks are being completed on the line. Currently, Candy.ONE’s IBO bounty mission and big data analysis system can already achieve accurate marketing for global users. We are rapidly advancing with IOST, XIN, Fairgame, ATN and other candy box partners.

At present, the project has different growth targets in different key regions of the world. The IBO bounty mission system based on Candy.ONE’s connection with global users, in particular the number of blockchain users in the world’s key countries and their data advantages, provides project parties with C-terminal blockchain precision reach, marketing and analysis services, making them grow. simpler.

The ONO registration task is about to go live. Everyone is looking forward to it. ONO is committed to being the world’s largest free, equal value, decentralized social network, and Candy.ONE will help ONOs achieve the goal of rapid growth of global users in May.

This week, we further optimized the login process, and user logins do not require sliding verification. After the process is optimized, the efficiency of registration and login is greatly improved. At present, after the registration process is simplified, Candy.ONE has added more than 800,000 users worldwide, especially in Southeast Asia.

The long-awaited Candy.ONE red envelope system has progressed smoothly this week and is getting closer and closer.

We saw the conjecture and discussion of the red envelope function on the social network by volunteers and fan classmates. They have a lot of brains. Our programmers and classmates expressed that the gratitude often comes to us for the enlightenment:)

As a new product of Candy.ONE, Candy.ONE red envelope will become the first fissile red envelope mechanism in the blockchain world. Your friends’ blockchain world is likely to begin with a candy envelope you sent out.

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