My First Afrikaans Alphabets Picture Book with English Translations

Each Alphabet has its own Page. All Pages are in Color. No Transliterations (Pronunciations). You (the Parent) should be helping your child learn how to pronounce.


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Israel officials torment Palestinian detainee experiencing ongoing medical conditions

A Palestinian detainee, Khalil Musa Musbah, who experiences ongoing illnesses was seriously mishandled and beaten by Israeli jail officials today at Megiddo Prison in the Negev.

Held starting around 2003, he is carrying out a 20-year jail punishment and experiences various persistent medical conditions in the stomach, digestion tracts, and veins, including obstructed courses.

Following the warriors’ maltreatment, Musbah was moved to the Central Asqalan Prison in southern Israel, as indicated by the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS).

The PPS checking bunch, today, approached every one of the basic liberties associations as well as the International Committee of the Red Cross, to intercede and guarantee Musbah’s wellbeing, adding that it considered the Israeli occupation specialists answerable for any crumbling in his ailment.

The gathering made sense that the Israeli specialists regularly submit glaring infringement against the Palestinian detainees, including denying them the right to medical services, insurance from irresistible sicknesses, and non-separation.

As per Palestinian NGOs, there are around 4,600 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli correctional facilities, including something like 600 wiped-out detainees.

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