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Four YouTube Channels To Subscribe To For Learning Entertainment

Out of all the streaming and entertainment packages I subscribe to, YouTube is my main source of video entertainment. Let me tell you why.

If you want to keep up to date and informed fast, you watch infographic videos. They are entertaining and are rich with knowledge, and we all know that knowledge is power.

I find YouTube videos from smaller creators to be less processed and more organic in nature. What I mean is that the content hasn’t had to be approved by a board of directors, made sure it was in line with higher agendas and optimized for mass appeal.

My favourite things to watch on YouTube is mostly educational in nature. So here are Four YouTube Channels to Subscribe to for learning in no order.

Real Engineering is all about how the wonderful machines in our world work.

The topics you find on Real Engineering range from:

…and many more. I really love this channel because of its ability to take complicated topics and explain them in a way most people will understand.

Economics Explained has got to be one of my favourite channels to watch. The narrator is informative and humorous.

The channel goes ahead and explores world economics and explains them in an educational but more importantly, in an entertaining matter. I always believe it's better to stay and watch the whole video and walking away learning something than getting bored halfway through and watching something else.

The channel features topics about:

This particular channel has actually affected the way I think about money. Looking at how countries have squandered their resources in times of plenty, and then ended up with massive debt has made me realize we too should save now before then next economic crisis or natural recession.

The video series by Principles by Ray Dalio on Principles for Success is a great story to listen to. It tells the journey that Ray Dalio went through to come to the principals that he is teaching today. And that’s why they are principles, not hard and fast rules to live by.

The channel will teach you about:

Personally, this channel had taught me about the reality of debt and credit. The pros and cons of the economic situation that our society is in, and how we should all be smarter when it comes to spending our money.

Cold Fusion TV explores topics unexplored by most and will go into history with fascinating details.

The videos start by provocating a thought about a well-known brand or company, for example, a video will be called: “The Struggle of the Original iPhone — The Untold Story”. In that video, it will introduce to individuals forgotten by most and tell their story.

It is most fascinating to hear how personal aliments drove designers to create products to help themselves and others with similar issues. Later such products will be used in the creation of the iPhone and be used by millions around the world.

Cold Fusion TV is entertaining and enlightening. I fully recommend watching a few videos to find out.

I’ll conclude with this, you’ll be left with a sense of a better understanding of the world without the feeling you sat in a boring classroom. All you have to do is just watch.

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