Integrating Git with Visual Studio.

I got to know about this feature earlier this year and is really a lifesaver for those who periodically have to update their project on Github. So, without any further delay let’s take a quick look…


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My 6 Days Content Writing Workshop Experience

Writing has always been a mode of expressing myself since childhood. Many people have been obsessed with journals, stories during the teenage years and then lose this interest as they step into adulthood. This definitely didn’t apply to me and I have been writing since I was young. Then the praises and motivation by teachers and family eventually led to the continuation of the practice and a dream to become a writer.

I knew a bit about copywriting( just a vague idea) and wanted to know more about it therefore after seeing an advertisement of 6 days content writing workshop by contentvidhya after seeing add on Events in my City app. To be very honest, the first 2 days were tricky to me as there was a major difference between this workshop and story writing workshop. This helped me to learn about the marketing of the content which is equally important even for a professional fiction writer. The workshop gave an insight to how content on professional websites are presented while giving a difference between the basic form of narration styles, the requirement of a professional content; the free version of tools was very helpful and time-saving. The second and the third day, basics of copywriting well told to us as well as ways of choosing a niche, comfortable for the writer and equally profitable. The task and daily assignments helped to reinforce it better. On the fifth and the sixth day, the part of effective communication and its usage to sell the ideas and products to the masses. Here I would like to add my evil personal learning; I also realised how easy was it to affect people with emotional communication so it is important to not get swayed and think twice before taking any decision. The material given to us is helpful especially the checklist given for the writing an effective LinkedIn and Facebook profile. All the concepts and queries were explained in a very simple manner by our mentor Uma ma’am. Overall it was a great experience learning content writing with you and I hope to learn more and have good experience later.

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