A workaround to get term query results from a match query against an unmapped Elasticsearch index

We ran into a situation where the responses we were getting back from our elasticsearch queries against a particular instance seemed like nonsense. It turned out that we had failed to apply a mapping…


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Most important historical point

I think the most crucial event in Japanese history is World War 2. I have reasons. First, Japanese policy completely changed. Before that event happened, Japan was militarized. For example, they had an army, started a war, and had a corny. But. After WW2, that policy was exactly the opposite. Establishment of the Japanese constitution. This constitution is democratic. It said the three most important are the policy of sovereignty of the people, respect for basic human rights, and Pacifism. These policies make a democratic country. Secondly, after. In that event, Japanese values also changed dramatically. Before that war, Most Japanese values are male Chauvinism. And, firstborn babies are favored by firstborn babies. These things. is discriminatory and very bad. But. after that event, Under the direction of the U.S. military. the Civil Code was amended and eliminated this type of discrimination. For these reasons, I think the most significant event is WW2.

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